May Hikes - Part II

I'm still trying to work through the backlog of photos I've taken so far this summer, so these are actually from the hikes I did in May.

Violet Toothed Polypore (Trichaptum biforme) - 
Violet Toothed Polypores are very beautiful when they are in their prime.  The purplish fringes on the fungi make are very deeply hued and quite striking even in low light conditions.

Swamp Dewberry (Rubus hispidus) - 
Swamp Dewberry is actually a vine, but it often looks like a bush since it intertwines itself on a "host" plant.  The white flowers are easy to recognize and it prefers damp soils near streams.

Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) - 
This is the first I've come across Yellow Flag Iris in the Little Sewickley Creek valley.  I've photographed it in the Wampum area but never in our area.  This particular specimen was growing right on the the stream bank, only inches from the flowing water.

Orange Mycena (Mycena leaiana) - 
Orany Mycena are really quite striking and their orange color almost glows it is so bright.  Orange Mycena typically grows in clumps like this and normally does not get more than a few inches high.

Eastern Eye Click Beetle (Alaus oculatus) - 
This is the first I've photographed the Easter Eye Click Beetle.  Identifying it was pretty easy, with the help of Google of course, and its over sized "eyes" on its back are a evolutionary response to ward off predators.

Common Buttercup (Ranunculus acris) - 
Common Buttercup is very abundant in our area, especially down along the stream on the floodplain.  It typically lasts a good month or so too, so it's easy to spot.

Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) - 
Dame's Rocket is a non-native that is considered highly invasive but it's flower blossoms are really pretty and can come in white and purple varieties.

Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) - 
There were a couple Yellow Flag Irises within a few feet of each other, so I made sure to get a few shots of each of them.