Thanksgiving Weekend on Lake Erie - Part II

I've been lax in posting for a while now, but is spring here and I can't wait to start photographing wildflowers and the other forest creatures...  I posted Part I of this topic back in December, so I'm just getting around to posting Part II.  I had so many great pictures from that weekend, I decided to post them in two parts.


Bluff overlooking Beach

The abandoned property stretches for about a half mile down the beach and has several decent overlooks.  This one in particular really illustrates how the forest stretches right to the bluffs overlooking the beach.


Abandoned Property





I found a lot of fox, coyote, and deer tracks through this small section of trees.  I like how the beech tree on the right and the smaller trees "frame" the scene.

Mouth of Canadaway Creek






Extremely cold nights started to freeze the surface of the creek but then a couple warmer days after this photograph kept it from completely freezing over.

Mouth of Canadaway Creek




A closer view of the mouth.  A lagoon typically forms just inside the mouth as the water slows before reaching the final shoot to the lake.  As the water passes through that shoot, it picks up speed and momentum carrying sticks and other debris up and over waves and into that lake.

Beach looking West






One of my favorite shots from the long weekend.  I am standing near the mouth of the creek, looking back toward the west.  The immense piles of driftwood are clearly visible on the left and often times there are entire trees that have washed up.

Sulphur Stained Rock




Sulphur creeps through the shale along the beach and makes the area smell like rotten eggs.  Sulphur springs such as this one would have been highly prized by prehistoric people who would have harvested it for medicinal purposes.

Patterns in the Ice




The ice on the waterfall started to melt the last day I was there and left some interesting patterns and shapes.  

Shells along Shoreline

Last day... the shells along the shore are deposited in interesting patterns by the methodical action of the waves.